Q – I want to bundle courses together but I can’t see the courses I want in the ELC bundles below, what can I do?

A – Simply give one of our resettlement advisers a call on 02920 757578 and I am sure we will be able to accommodate your needs.
Q – Why should I pick Primus as my resettlement company?

A – We prefer to see ourselves as your resettlement partner giving you the best possible start and a successful future. Primus provides outstanding customer satisfaction, by giving our clients what they need in a trustworthy manner, whilst upholding the utmost levels of integrity.
Q – What happens if I need to cancel or change the date of my course?

A – Please contact your PLA or learning centre as soon as possible. Please note if you cancel within 10 working days of the course start date you will still be charged for the course in full.
Q – How do I apply for my Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)?

A – Contact your PLA or learning centre staff and they will explain the procedure.
Q – Who do I give my application to once completed?

A – Each circumstance is different so please contact your PLA or learning centre and they will be able to advise you.
Q - Who should I contact if I have left the services?

A – Claimants no longer in service will need to get in touch with their Single Service Representative in place of the PLA or learning centre.
Q – When does Primus need the delegate contribution and the Claim Authorisation Notes form (CAN)?

A - Primus must receive the CAN form and the delegate contribution 10 (ten) working days before the start of the course. This should be sent to our usual address.
Q – How do I pay my delegate contribution?

A – Payments can be made by contacting Michael on 02920757578 with your details. Alternatively you can pay by cheque made payable to Primus Training Ltd and sent to our usual address.

Useful contact details

Royal Navy Army Royal Air Force

ELC Manager NTE (ER2) Floor 3, Mailpoint 3.3, Leach Building, Whale Island, HMS Excellent, Portsmouth, PO2 8BY.

Tel: 02392 625954

ELC Manager
DETS(A), Zone 4, Floor 2, Ramillies Building, HQLF, Monxton Road, Andover, SP11 8HT.

Tel: 01264 381644 or 01264 381592

Learning Credits Administrator
Room 24, Hunter Block, RAF High Wycombe, Naphill, Buckinghamshire, HP14 4UE.

Tel: 01494 495957

Flight Lieutenant Learning Forces:
Address as above

Tel: 01494 495603.

Book today on 029 2075 7578

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