Substance Misuse

Award in Substance Misuse is a nationally recognised qualification designed to raise awareness of the established illegal drugs scene, it gives a basic knowledge and understanding of the law relating to the signs of misuse and supply.

It provides operational guidelines to help employers or employees deal effectively with any drug related problems in their workplace. It also provides guidance for the development of policies and strategies to prevent such problems arising.

The employer should combine the attainment of this qualification with co-operation with their local crime and disorder reduction partnerships, demonstrating the crucial position in the fight against the problems of drugs (alcohol) in the workplace and our society in general.

What Does the qualification cover?

• Reasons and factors why people use substances.
• Types of substance misused, signs, symptoms and their effects
• Misleading signs and symptoms
• Effects on society
• Gaining support and advice
• How stereotyping affects users
• How the media affects people's perceptions
• How substance misuse in society can be responded to.
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Course Structure

This qualification is assessed by a written workbook. Learners must complete the Candidate assessment Pack (CAP) in full and both the tutor and the learner must sign the front cover. Tutors are required to mark the CAP and advise learners of areas to improve. All question must be answered correctly. Once complete, Tutors must send all CAP's back to HABC for moderation along with a Notification Completion form for each leaner in order to request certification. Once the documentation has been received , a list of results will be provided to a centre contacts stating whether learners have been successful. Certificates for successful learners will be despatched for distribution by the centre contacts.

Course Dates:

1st October 2018


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